“Throughout my active life, I’ve accumulated quite a few injuries. In 2002, in a standard leg press machine, I ruptured a disc in my lower back. What followed was a decade of pain and lack of mobility. It got so bad I needed to have my lower back surgically fused at three levels. Throughout that ordeal, I’ve always struggled to maintain a high fitness level. I’ve tried many fitness routines and workout programs, but I continued to experience issues with pain and motivation. Fortunately I discovered Movement Matters. Their novel, connected, full body approach has made all the difference. In my career I work at a desk, sitting for hours. As a result, (along with my injury history), my body was compressed and misaligned. Over time this mislignment caused discomfort and made my injury plagued body even more painful. During the course of the past few years I’ve learned to perform connected movements in my routine, realigning and decompressing my body. Now that I’ve learned to combine movements breath properly and really focus on how my body SHOULD move I’m seeing tremendous results. I couldn’t recommend the trainers at Movement Maters enough. They are dedicated to helping their clients achieve their personal fitness goals, and get you not only in amazing shape, but let you discover movements that will keep your body healthy, aligned and pain free.”

Sean B. 

Chief Creative Officer


“My training with Movement Matters has helped me so much. I have scoliosis that was well-concealed and diagnosed later in life. Over the years, I noticed that my alignment was getting worse and my boyfriend recommended I see Ilia as he was able to really help friend of his. Ilia has been amazing! He is so knowledgable, helpful, caring, and really cares about his craft. The sessions typically involve myofascial release along with exercises to help release certain areas and strengthen others for optimal alignment. The exercises performed and release make sense intuitively not only for alignment, but also strength and function. I am a physician, and despite years of pilates, physical therapy, yoga and massage, I think that my work with movement matters has helped the most especially in the time frame we’ve worked together in. I always feel good after the sessions, noticeable even the next day. I have decreased strain in my neck, increased mobility and decreased pain of my left groin and hip, and my breathing and has also improved. This is different than going to a regular personal trainer or physical therapy; it is therapy and exercise that helps with alignment, strength, the best body shape, function, and mobility long term. They are very knowledgable and healers in their own right. The private gym facility is clean and comfortable (with parking as well). I would highly recommend the folks at Movement Matters. To get your body right, this is beyond what a regular trainer or physical therapist can do.”

Naissan W.


“I have dealt with chronic knee pain for many years, the result of a long ago car accident and age-related arthritis. I have tried many things to ameliorate the situation over the years, including arthroscopic surgery, various forms of PT and working with a number of fine trainers. However, I didn’t see any substantive improvement until I began training at Movement Matters. They have a unique approach, combined with exceptional knowledge and dedication to their clients that has resulted in a significant decrease in knee pain for me. I’ve also noticed a good deal of improvement in a minor neck and back issue, as well as my overall posture. I couldn’t be more pleased with the results or my experience with Movement Matters. DM”

Diane M.