Focus on Moving Better

Aesthetics are the byproduct of posture and movement. Normal posture and human biomechanics require balanced tensioning of the fascial system. If the fascial system is balanced, the muscular system will have the proper tensions to create coordinated movement and to receive stimulation from that movement. Because human biomechanics require the coordinated function of the entire body, the muscular system must work synergistically. This synergy allows the muscular system to develop with proportion and symmetry. If resistance is added, the body will adapt, and the muscular system will develop further if accompanied by adequate rest and nutrition.

Often the primary goal of training is to improve physical appearance. However, because aesthetics are a byproduct of movement, the primary goal of training should be to move better. The better one moves, the better one not only feels but also looks. It is no coincidence that the better someone moves, the better their aesthetics. Athletes are the prime example